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Selling Cars in Dubai – Easy Tips to Make Car Selling Process Easy

The process of selling cars in Dubai was never easy as now many companies are providing their services for selling and buying of used cars. While looking to find the best platform to sell any used car, it is important to have a complete information about the procedure of that platform. As the car market in Dubai has been expanding rapidly for the last few years, many fraudsters are also in the market who always make themselves ready to exploit the innocent sellers.

There are different platforms available in the market such as private car dealers and classified websites that are making selling a car in Dubai process easier. However, it is important to note that not all of these platforms are secured as fake car selling cases have been registered with the authorities in Dubai.

A seller can earn a better profit by giving a better look to the used car and by also maintaining some of its technical parts. If the used car is in good shape and the engine is running without any difficulties then you can earn a better profit by selling car in Dubai.

Here are some of the easy tips that help sellers in securing better car selling deals in Dubai.

Selling Cars in Dubai through the Private Car Dealers

The private car dealers have been providing their car selling services in the market for a number of years and sellers go to their platforms to sell their used cars. To secure the services of private car dealers, the sellers have to pay them some amount at the start of the process and they might be charged with some hidden costs somewhere in the whole process. Moreover, the sellers are asked to wait for some time to find any suitable buyer.

Recent scams related to selling a car in Dubai through private car dealers have put this institution in jeopardy. A number of fake car dealers who do not hold trade license are exploiting innocent car sellers with fake car deals. These dealers will never show their trade license whenever asked and also try to earn as much money as they can from the sellers.

So, it is important that the sellers should be aware of the identity of private car dealers whom they are selling their cars.

Sell Car Via Private Car Dealers

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The Classified Websites

The ease of access to internet services has made it easier for sellers to use classified websites to sell different products as it saves time as well as money. Today, one can easily find a number of selling and buying ads in newspapers and online websites that read for selling and buying of different products. This is also becoming familiar with selling and buying of used cars through classified websites as sellers want to earn better profits while spending little or nothing at all.

Selling cars in Dubai through classified websites requires you to post an online car selling ad. This car selling ad requires some quality pictures of the used car along with its important information and the personal information of the sellers so the buyer can easily contact them. These are free platforms where a number of buyers are always looking to find their dream cars.

However, not all of the classified websites are safe and any fake car buyer can exploit you with a fake car selling deal. As already happened in Dubai, a number of sellers have registered their complaints with Police against the fraudsters who approach them as potential buyers and either run away with their cars while doing the physical inspection or pay a bogus cheque. Moreover, as these platforms are open and independent, they cannot assure you about the protection of your personal information and that can be used anyone with bad intentions.

Before selling a car in Dubai through the classified websites, it is important that the sellers should know about the identity of the buyer or they can suffer a fake car selling deal.

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Easy Car Maintenance Tips to Secure better Profits before Selling Cars in Dubai

When a used car is in good shape it earns a better profit when sold as compared to the used cars that are in poor conditions. It does not matter if the car is new or old, the car maintenance tips not only help you in maintaining a better look of the car but also help in selling it at a better price.

Today, the leading car experts are telling sellers to follow important car maintenance tips to provide a good shape to their cars. Here are some of the easy car maintenance tips that help you in earning better profits in the market.

  • Always pay attention towards the exterior of your car. One can earn a better profit by selling car in Dubai if the exterior of the car is in good shape. It is important to give a regular wash to your car and for this, always try to use a quality shampoo. After washing the exterior, apply some quality wax over the paint as it protects the paint from rusting and also gives a shiny look to it.
  • Cleaning the interior of a car is important to make it look fresh. To clean the interior, first remove the dust from important areas such as the dashboard, cargo area, and air vents. It is also important to clean the seating surface to make the cabin look good.
  • Keep the tyres of your car properly inflated as it helps the car running smooth and efficient. The tyres that are not properly inflated result in excessive usage of fuel that irks the buyers who always look for a fuel efficient car.
  • It is also important that the engine of the used car runs smooth. Before selling cars in Dubai, if the engine of your car is not working properly then it will not earn a better resale price. To make the engine run perfectly it is important to replace the spark plugs, change the engine oil on time, and replace the air filter with a new one. Moreover, also do a battery check as if your car gets the required current without any disruption then it runs properly.

Cleaning Car Interior

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Selling a Car in Dubai to

The is a professional car buying company in Dubai that has been providing car selling and buying services to sellers for a long time. The safe and easy process of the company has earned it accolades from a number of customers. If you want to sell your used car in Dubai then bring it to us and we will buy your car at the best price.

The is registered with the authorities in Dubai and follow a legal method that makes its platform secure from any kind of fake car selling deals. All the sellers are required to do before selling cars in Dubai to is to fill an online car evaluation form that is available on the company’s official website and is easy to fill. Here the company’s online car value calculator will calculate the estimated price of your car in a few minutes.

For sellers, the car budget is very important and if they like this estimated price then they can book a free appointment with our car experts. The car expert team of will do the physical inspection of the used car within just 30 minutes and tell seller about the final price. The seller is independent in making the final decision as there are no obligations by the company.

Once the seller accepts the offered price, it leads to an immediate selling of used car and the seller can go home safely with the money. Selling cars in Dubai is made secure by as the company pays you through electronic bank transfer and also takes care of the post car sale paperwork.

So, at, selling cars in Dubai is easy and sellers can earn better profits as well. We buy any kind of car as long as the sellers are willing to sell them.