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July 31, 2016


Sold my car in 30 minutes to just what they claim. I can’t believe I actually sold my car so quickly. — Abdul Wahab, Dubai

Being a woman, I found it very tough to sell a used car 4 years ago. I could not negotiate with dealers and they paid me a low price. But is an excellent company. They let you rest and handle everything on your behalf. It is amazing for me to believe. — Rubab, Sharjah

I was not willing to believe in the 30 minutes claim until I visited them and got my car sold even in less than 30 minutes. — Rehman, Abu Dhabi

Selling a car in Dubai is not easy and who knows it better than me. But sell my car made it look ridiculously easy. — Faris, Abu Dhabi

Got my Honda Accord sold at plentiful of Dirham’s and even better than my expected value. Good Work — Omar, Dubai

They say what they do. I sold them my damaged car and got more than my expectation. — Junaid, Sharjah

The problem of selling car to the dealers is always on my head when I sell used cars. is such a dedicated method to sell cars especially for women. — Naina

I have been living in Dubai for almost 8 years and sold two used cars before selling my Nissan Micra to Well, I have no words to describe the ease with which they bought my car. I did not have to do a single thing then signing few papers. — Rakesh, Al Ain

I sold my car to and thought it as my duty to praise their services here as they made it look particularly hassle-free. — Haani, Dubai

There are services to sell car in the UAE but without a doubt, is the best. — Sufian, Abu Dhabi

Yes, this is what anyone would have wanted being the resident in the UAE to have high quality services to sell their cars to without any hassle at all. — Powell, Sharjah

Who cares about time and lengthy periods of time where you just wait? I have sold my car to in just 30 minutes and also at an impressive price. — Sana, Al Ain

No one offers better price than I have tested it. They are so good with their disciplines and services. — Roger. Sharjah

Worried about post sales paperwork after selling your car? No more as this company provides complete services even after you sell your car to them. — Sharadha, Sharjah

I am surprised to see how these guys do their work. I hardly have seen anything like that before in UAE. You either don’t get paid rightly for your used car or the process takes too much time. You can get rid of both tensions if you take services. — Abid, Dubai