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August 8, 2016

How to Sell a Car in Dubai

You will find a big car market in Dubai to buy or sell cars. The UAE Government has provided many facilities to make buying and selling convenient but there are many difficulties that still remain on the way. is specialized platform for selling any kind of car in the UAE. You just need to evaluate your car by using our online car valuation and follow an easy procedure. We will give you an appointment after online car valuation. You need to bring all necessary documents i.e. ID car, car’s repair and service record, registration etc. when you come for the meeting.

We will inspect your car and make an offer. If you get agreed on the offer that we provide, then the rest of the process, we handle for you. After which, you will simply sign the purchase agreement to sell the car. takes your sign on “Mubayaa” (a certified agreement) that grants permission to transfer the title of the car.

When you sell a car in Dubai, it requires great effort and dedicated time. There are two most common ways to sell a car. One is private selling and the other is through auto dealers. Selling cars to private shoppers by using classifieds seems most profitable way but actually it is a time wasting and risky method. Here, you need to deal with a large number of car buyers and choosing the right buyer is very difficult. You may face a scam and lose your car. It also takes a lot of time to receive calls and fix meeting appointments with buyers for inspection of the car.

When you sell car through auto dealers, it also takes a large share of money from your pocket. Yes, because auto dealers tell you low price of the car and further sell it at high profit. They will also charge you to inspect and evaluate your car nearly AED 1,000. It is also a fact that auto dealers prefer to take new cars and if your car is older than 3-4 year, the dealer may show reluctance to buy it or most probably won’t offer a good rate.

The car sellers may also face the hardship to find a suitable dealer because there are dealers who only sell a few category cars. These dealers won’t buy your car because they specialize in few vehicle categories. They may be SUVs dealer or buy only expensive cars, so this becomes trick to approach the right dealer. is specialized car selling company that provides one stop solution to its customers. We offer free online car valuation services and provide results in a short time. After physical car evaluation, if you agree on our offer, we also handle the rest process. We also provide a safe payment mode to our customer which is through electronic bank transfer. The satisfaction of the customers is our foremost priority and our team work hard for it.