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July 31, 2016



We provide a credible car selling platform at where you can sell any car in just 30 minutes. We offer a secure and systematic car selling process. We also offer a free car valuation tool that will help you to know the value of your car instantly. We provide the value of the car by considering important factors such as car market trends, latest happenings and demand etc. In this way you get a realistic value for your car.

If you find our online car valuation results satisfying, then you can fix an appointment with us for physical inspection of the car. This service is also offered without any charge and provides a reasonable price of your car. The basic purpose to perform physical inspection is to verify the information of car that customer gave us for online valuation. This service is offered at all branches of Since, we have a vast network of branches all around the UAE, so you can go to any nearby branch as per your convenience. After the physical inspection of the car, we offer a rate to the customer. If he agrees then we take care of the rest procedure and it takes just 30 minutes to sell any car to us.

The customer should note that when he visits to sell his car, he needs to bring all necessary documents to save time. These documents contain repair and service record of the car, registration card/certificate and loan clearance etc. However, if you are selling a financed car, then you need to bring relevant documents that can show every detail like the amount of loan paid and the remaining amount you still owe etc. This is how you can sell a car effectively to


By choosing, you can sell any car at good rate in the UAE. We provide a one-stop solution to our customers for selling cars. The large network of our branches helps customers to easily reach us and get benefits from our valuable services. We offer a simple process to sell any car that saves a lot of time and effort of the car sellers. By selling cars to us, you can enjoy many benefits and can avoid the hassle of selling cars at classifieds. The is specialized platform and offers many services free of cost. We evaluate your car and provide an accurate market value without any fee. We also handle all the paperwork when the car selling deal gets finalized.

Why you perform physical car evaluation after online car valuation?

The online car valuation is done by using the information that customer provide us. We provide an estimated value of the car on that information basis. But in physical inspection, we not only verify the information but also inspect the car thoroughly. In this way, the car is analyzed in a better way.

I don’t find my car listed on, what happens now?

We cover every kind of vehicle even it is too old and buy cars as old as 1982. If you don’t find your vehicle then, it may be older than 1982 or there may be some technical issue with database. However, if problem doesn’t resolve, you can still contact us and we will buy your car.

If I want to sell a car which is listed in other country, would you buy it?

No, we don’t buy cars listed outside the UAE.

I want to sell a commercial vehicle. Will you buy it or not?

No, we don’t buy commercial vehicles. Our policy doesn’t allow us to buy these vehicles.

Do you buy financed cars?

Yes, we also buy cars that are financed. The customers must bring all relevant papers to sell a financed car. If it is finance by bank then, you need to bring a liability letter from the bank.

Do you buy imported cars?

If imported cars are registered in the UAE, then surely we buy them.

If the loan value is higher than the actual value paid for the car, then will you buy it?

We will provide a reasonable offer on such car. You will just be required to pay us the shortfall amount.

Can you inspect the car at a place which I choose?

At present, we don’t inspect cars at customers place. You need to bring car to our location for its evaluation.

Can I sell any car on behalf of other person to you?

In order to sell a car on behalf of other person, you need to show authority letter or power of attorney. If you have these documental proofs, then we will buy the car from you. Similarly, the payment mode should also be clearly mentioned in it.

How can I sell a car with lost registration card?

No, you can’t sell a car with lost registration card. You need to get it again for selling the car to us. If you are a resident of Dubai, then you can get it from RTA office. Then, you will be able to sell the car.

Can I sell the car of my relative who has been passed away last month?

This is something distressing moment in life and many difficulties occur to sell the car of a deceased person. But you don’t need to worry and just come to us. We will handle all the process and legal work in this regard.

Can I sell a non-running vehicle at

Yes, you can sell non-running vehicles to us. We buy all kind of vehicles i.e. old, damaged and scrap ones.

How you perform the car valuation?

The valuation of any car is done by focusing on different factors. We do car valuation by considering auto market trends, demand and other factors that affect prices of cars. We have a vast industry knowledge and experience. We provide a very suitable value of the car which is done by our auto professionals.

Do you provide a safe payment method? is a reliable platform to sell a car. Our payment method is also very secure and you won’t face any complication in it. We transfer the amount directly into the customer’s bank account. The payment method is also written in our sales agreement with other details and terms and conditions.

What payment methods are offered by

Usually, we transfer the amount through electronic bank transfer but we also offer quick cash and other methods of payment.

In how many days you make the payment?

We transfer the amount through electronic bank mode which can take more than one day while local transfer can take 48 hours.

What documents I need to sell a car?

When you come to sell a car, you must bring your ID card or Passport, registration car and service record of the car. Next, you need to tell us your bank account number so that we can transfer the money. For a financed car, you must bring a liability letter from bank to sell it.

Why I need to provide my e-mail for car valuation?

You need to provide us your e-mail address so that we can send you confirmation details, latest news, and car valuation result and meeting appointments etc. You need to stay confident because we keep your information private and don’t use it for commercial purpose.

I want to book an appointment with you. What is the process?

You need to fill our valuation form for fixing an appointment with us. Once you fill it and provide your contact details, we respond you very soon.

Why I need to take my car to branch?

You need to bring your car at any branch of where we will do its physical evaluation. Our car experts and skilled professionals perform this job. Once the inspection is done, we make an offer of the car. If you find it satisfying, you can sell the car at the spot and we will look after the rest process and you don’t need to worry at all.

Can I change the date of appointment that you provided?

Yes, you can make a request to change the meeting appointment.

Will you buy a car that is registered on the name of a company?

Yes, we will buy the car that is registered on the name of the company in the UAE. The seller needs to bring some documents for selling such car i.e. seller’s ID card, letter signed/stamped by the company that grants permission to sell the car, company’s bank account details, trade license copy of the company and the service record of the car and all keys.

Which branch you suggest for the inspection of a car?

Our all branches work under the same system and there are skilled workers. You can go to any branch but for your convenience, you should choose the branch that is near to your home.

Do I need to handover the car promptly once I sell it?

Yes, when you sell the car and sign the contract, you have to hand over it to us. We will arrange an alternative transport facility for you to go home.

If I have to sell the car urgently, then how much time you take in buying?

We offer a quick car buying services to our customers. We buy any car in just 30 minutes. So, if you want to sell the car urgently, you don’t need to go somewhere else, we will buy your car in a very short time.

If I want to complain to you, then how can I do it?

The satisfaction of customers is our topmost concern. We welcome your feedback and also value your complaints. If you want to do any complain, you can write us at the email