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Where Can I Sell My Car at a Fair Price in the UAE?

As a car seller, I will always try to find the best way to sell my car in the UAE as different platforms are providing car selling and buying services across the region that has made it difficult to figure out a secure and easy way to sell any used car in the market. There are a number of other sellers available in the market looking to sell their used cars and find it difficult to reach a suitable buyer. Moreover, it is also important that my car should be in a perfect shape and I should fix any kind of damage before putting it on sale.

To sell any car, the private car dealers have been considered important as they are providing their car selling and buying services for a number of years. Similarly, the ease of internet services has made it easier for the sellers to use classified websites to sell their used cars as these websites are considered important to reach a large number of buyers even sitting at home. However, in recent times, a series of events related to car selling scams have put sellers in doubt over securing a safe car selling deal while trying to sell their used cars either through private dealers or classified websites.

It left me with the question ‘how can I sell my car safely and at a better resale price’ in the UAE. Here are some tips that help sellers in finding the right platform for selling their used cars.

Which is the Best Platform to Sell My Car?

The is the right platform through which one can easily sell a used car in the UAE. It does not matter whether you opted to sell a small car or a typical family car, the company will buy any kind of car as long as the seller is willing to sell it. The leading car expert team of the company will evaluate your used car within just half an hour and not charge you even a single penny.

To give you an idea of what services you can enjoy at our platform to sell any car, we offer you:

  • Online car evaluation at zero cost
  • A free of cost physical inspection of used car
  • An immediate selling
  • Risk-free electronic money transfer
  • Taking care of the post-sale paperwork

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How Can I Sell My Car – The Private Car Dealers

As it has been already mentioned that the private car dealers have been providing car selling and buying services for a number of years but a number of car selling scams related to these dealers have been registered in the UAE that has put sellers in serious doubts over selling their used cars to private dealers. A private car dealer will always tell you that he/she will buy your used car at a fair price and make the whole car selling process easy for you.

It is always important to ask the private car dealers about their trade licenses as a number of fake car dealers are working in the market by holding either fake trade licenses or no license at all. A registered car dealer will never hesitate to show his/her trade license and sell my car in a secure way. However, there is always the possibility of charging a hidden cost from the sellers that these dealers will never tell at the beginning of car selling process.

Moreover, these dealers also charge their clients while providing their services that make their platforms not a cost-effective approach.

Private Car Dealer

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The Classified Websites

It was never easy to use different online platforms for selling and buying of products as it has become after the access of internet services. Today, sellers and buyers are using classified websites to buy and sell different products that are also becoming familiar with online selling and buying of used cars. People always try to save their money and time while doing different activities and the classified websites attract them as they are free to use and one can buy any product without wasting any time.

All you have to do while selling your car through classified websites is to create an online car selling ad along with some quality pictures of your, essential information about it, and your personal information so the buyers can easily contact you. The classified websites are easy to reach a large audience as a number of users are registered on these websites. However, it is important to know that these websites are not registered with any authority and are not responsible for protecting your personal information. This put your personal information at risk and any fraudster can reach you to buy a used car.

So, the classified websites are not secure to sell my car as they are not registered and also cannot protect my personal information.

Car Classified Websites

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How to Sell your Damaged Car without any Problems

It is a known fact that it is very difficult to find the right buyer for damaged cars when you try to sell them privately. Even you put your car at a low price, it is not ensured that the buyers will buy your damaged car at the price you set. Moreover, you can sell your damaged car in scrap or bits and pieces but this will also not earn you a better resale value.

The is the platform where I can sell my car even it is damaged or totalled. The company buys any type of car as long as the sellers are willing to sell and pays a resale value that is difficult to get any other platform.

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How Can I Sell My Car – Sell Your Used Car to

The majority of car sellers are more interested in knowing about the right price of their used cars and for this, they go to private dealers to get their cars evaluated. This process of car evaluation through the private car dealers is difficult as you have to go through price negotiation that can take a lot of time. The private car dealers also charge you for providing their services and cannot ensure that the price they are telling you is the one you will get when you sell your used car.

The is the right platform where you can evaluate your used car in the best and easy way. It is a professional car buying company in the UAE and buys any car in a short period of time. The company is registered with the authorities and sell my car in a safe way.

To sell any car to, all the sellers have to do is to fill an online car evaluation form that is available on the company’s website. This form requires the make, model, and year of the used car. Here, the online car value calculator intelligently evaluates the cost of the used car and if the sellers like this estimated price then they can book a free appointment with the leading car expert team of the company for the physical inspection of their cars.

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The leading car expert team of will do the physical inspection of the used car within just 30 minutes and tell the sellers about the final price. Here it is important to mention that this company is authorized by RTA and other Emirates Traffic Authorities that make the whole process safe. If the sellers like the final price, it leads to an immediate selling of car. This puts me in confidence that I can sell my car safely and quickly at the platform of

This is the best platform where you can get all the answers related to car selling process in the UAE. The understands the severity of payment process and pays you through electronic bank transfer thus leaving no loopholes in the whole process. Moreover, for the convenience of its clients, the company also takes care of the post-sale paperwork thus relieving sellers form the worries of going to RTA office to complete the documentation of their cars.

We have enlisted some of the most important benefits that you can enjoy while selling a used car on our platform. We evaluate your car at zero cost, our car expert team physically examine your used car within just half an hour and tell you the final price, there are no obligations on you, the company pays you through electronic bank transfer, we take care of the post-sale paperwork, and you can sell any type of car to us. So, the is the right platform where I can sell my car safely and at a better resale price.