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Engine Maintenance Tips – Understanding When Your Car Engine Might Need a Tune Up

Everyone knows that the engine is the heart and soul of a well-maintained vehicle. The engine has a direct relationship with the overall performance of your vehicle. Even if there is something wrong with the engine, even a minor thing, the whole performance and the ride quality of your vehicle will suffer.

Ensuring that the engine of your vehicle is in perfect condition should always be your first priority. If the engine of your vehicle is damaged in any way, it will affect the fuel efficiency and the performance of your vehicle. However, sometimes all the engine needs is just a little tune up to be able to work properly.

Nevertheless, there are times when the issue is beyond a simple tune up and it can take a lot of work before your car’s engine is back in its proper working condition. Sometimes, the mechanic cannot find out the issue with the engine, so the responsibility falls on the driver to tell the driver to tell the mechanic what has happened or what the issues seems to be.

How to tell if the Engine is the Main Issue with Your Vehicle?

There are many times when the driver will have to help the mechanic figure out the issue with the vehicle because the engine can be damaged in many ways and it can be hard to tell what the issue is. However, the engine will always show signs and symptoms before it will stop working.

The engine will always give signs about the issue with it, all you have to do is be aware of them. Some of the most common and easily decipherable signs include:

  • A Car Not Moving Properly
  • Dropped Fuel Efficiency of the Vehicle
  • Car Making Strange Noises
  • Vehicle Stopping Suddenly and Without Any Apparent Reason

How to tell if the Engine is the Main Issue with Your Vehicle?

Here are some symptoms and signs through which you can tell whether your vehicle’s engine needs a tune up or it needs some serious maintenance.

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Clogged and Dirty Air Filters

One of the most common issues with the engine of the vehicle can arise from clogged and dirty air filters. Since a car engine relies on air filters to send in clean air to the system, it is important to have clean air filters to ensure that the vehicle is running properly and that the engine is not having any issues.

If you are having issues with accelerating your vehicle, especially a reduced acceleration then this is the one of the clearest signs that your vehicle has clogged air filters. Since this issue does not affect the fuel economy of the vehicle that much, but trying to accelerate the vehicle by revving it too much can put unnecessary strain of the vehicle.

Clogged and Dirty Air Filters

The air filters in a vehicle can easily get dirty over time and it is one of those issues that you cannot know about until you have your car sent for maintenance or if you are having issues with the acceleration. The motorists in the UAE have to brave dust storms and foul weather quite frequently and this can lead to clogged air filters.

This is the reason why drivers in the UAE are advised to change their engine’s air filters almost every year. It is always best to keep an eye on this issue rather than let the issue fester and become too much and clog the air filters.

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Misfiring Engine

Another common sign of an engine in need of checking is a misfiring engine. This issue arises because the spark plugs in your car are igniting at the wrong time and not synchronized with each other. This happens when the spark plugs in your vehicle are foul or worn out.

If this is the issue with your vehicle, you will have a very hard time of starting your engine, the acceleration of your vehicle will be sluggish and the fuel efficiency of your vehicle will depleted. Generally spark plugs can last for as long as 100,000 miles and sometimes more.

Misfiring Engine

The computer of the engine will try its best to compensate for the bad spark plug, however, this is an unnecessary strain on the engine and it should be avoided at all costs. If taken care of, this can be a quick and easy repair, however, if it is left to the next scheduled maintenance, this can become a very expensive repair.

Check Engine Light

All the modern-day cars com with highly efficient technologies in the dashboard that bring real-time information a driver needs to drive carefully and attentively. There are many warning signals that the monitor right in front of the driver shows at times.

Check Engine Light

That monitor shows one light that should never be ignored and that is the Check Engine light. When this light is active, it means that there is a serious issue with the engine of the vehicle and the emission control system of your car. The first sign of this issue would be a lowered fuel efficiency and the check engine light.

This light can also become active when the oxygen sensor of the vehicle is faulty. The oxygen sensor is very important for good fuel efficiency and if it is not running properly, the engine’s computer will not be able to send the right amount of air and fuel mixture to the combustion engine.

If this is the issue with your vehicle, then you should be prepared for very costly repairs that must be done immediately. Timely repairs are the only way to stop this issue from arising or becoming even worse.

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Fuel Tank Deposits

Almost every vital part of your vehicle is connected to the engine in one way or another. The fuel tank, however, is one of those parts of your vehicle that are directly connected with the engine. This is the reason why it is very important to ensure that the fuel tank is clean and healthy or else, the engine will be damaged along with it.

Fuel Tank Deposits

The your vehicle is consistently running low quality fuel or low fuel levels, then your car’s fuel tank will definitely have fuel deposits at the bottom of it. Once you add new fuel in your vehicle, it will become contaminated because of it and will cause major performance issues for you.

If not dealt with in time, this can lead to very expensive and extensive repairs. However, fixing it is very easy and there is no much you would have to do. All you will need to do is take your vehicle to a maintenance service station and have your car’s engine professionally cleaned.

Other Important Things to Keep in Mind

There are some things that can help you in ensuring that your car’s engine is always in perfect condition and less prone to the above mentioned issues. The below mentioned things will help you with taking care of your engine at all times.

  • Many of the issues with a car engine can have same symptoms so it is always better to have the vehicle checked thoroughly for every possible issue and not leave anything behind.
  • These engine issues can be fixed via many methods and no rule applies to its care. This is the reason why it is always best to leave the tuning and other procedures to the mechanic because he is the most experienced in this method and he would know what works best and what not.
  • Even if you are tempted, it is best to leave this to the professionals and have them work on your vehicle. Never try to fix the engine on your own, unless you know what you are doing and you have prior experience of doing so.

One must be vigilant about regular maintenance schedule of the vehicle, because this is the only way through which one can ensure that the engine of their vehicle is in perfect condition. A car that is well-maintained will have less chances of having such issues. This is the reason why experts always tell driver’s to schedule regular car maintenance according to the instructions in the car driver’s manual.

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