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Four Best Car Maintenance Tips to Sell Car in UAE

To sell car in UAE or in any other car market, the car maintenance tips give the sellers an extra money. Car maintenance tips are important to maintain a car for a long lasting performance and to earn a better resale value. Leading car brands around the world are introducing advanced and improved technologies in their vehicles but this does not assure that it earns the seller a better price when he sells the car.

Car maintenance includes important tips, for example, a regular checking of the engine, car’s technical modifications, etc. A leading factor that has huge importance in car selling is car maintenance.

Sell car UAE has been often reviewed by the leading car experts to check the changing dynamics of the car market. These leading car experts have given importance towards the car maintenance tips as they help the sellers to get a better resale value.

This blog will discuss some of the most important car maintenance tips that will help the sellers to sell their cars at a better price.

Sell Car in UAE – Engine Maintenance

The engine is the most important part of a vehicle where the real magic happens when pressure, air, fuel, and electricity come together to move the pistons up and down that enables the vehicle to move. The seller needs to do a proper check-up of his car’s engine by a leading car expert to maintain it perfectly.

Sell Car in UAE - Engine Maintenance

Replacing the used air filter with a new one enables a smooth passage of fresh air to the engine that delivers a better performance and fuel efficiency. Engine oil absorbs the heat and lubricates the engine that needs to be changed on right time as preferred by the car expert. The driver needs to smoothly accelerate the engine as it reduces the pressure and enhances its lifetime.

Keeping a regular check of hoses and belts is also an important car maintenance tip as they are directly linked to the engine’s performance. To prevent the build-up of corrosion and deposits in the engine, the driver needs to maintain a 50/50 ratio of coolant and water inside the radiator.

Sell any car UAE experts have recommended these engine maintenance techniques to gain a better performance and resale value as the car market in the UAE is filled with a number of used and new cars.

Some Technical Modifications

Any car owner can utilize the technical car modifications at home or with the help of a car expert. To sell car in UAE the most important tip among these modifications is to do a continuous check of car’s battery. The battery is a part of the vehicle that provides electric current and enables the engine to run smoothly. A dead battery results in poor car’s performance and could cause car breakdown.

Some Technical Modifications

The driver of a car can perform easy battery maintenance tips at home. The battery terminals can be removed with ease and can be washed with a liquid material to work better. After this process, the driver needs to dry the posts and replace the battery terminals.

Replacement of spark plugs after every 30,000 miles is recommended by the sell any car UAE experts. The driver needs to remove the plugs and clean them without disturbing their order. After this process, the plugs can be fitted in their place with the help of a machine or a hand.

Similarly, a continuous checking of car brakes is also another important technical modification technique that helps the seller to gain a better resale price of his car. The brake oil needs to change after every 1000-1500 miles to get a better performance. Moreover, the driver needs to press the brake paddle smoothly to avoid brake’s stiffening.

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The Management of Exterior and Interior

The exterior and interior is part of any vehicle where the buyers set their first sight. The owners of cars sometime do not pay the required attention towards the car’s exterior that reduces their resale value in the car market.

The Management of Exterior and Interior

 To sustain the exterior, the driver needs to maintain its paint. For this purpose, a regular wash of the exterior and then polishing with a quality wax are considered important tips. The cleaning of car windows also enhances the beauty of the exterior.

A well-organized interior provides a fresh riding experience and an excellent comfort during the ride. The driver needs to remove satin and other waste material from the cabin for a better performance. The car’s seats can be trimmed with leather or heat ventilation system for a better resale price. Similarly, removing the dust from the dashboard, mats and seats also keep the interior neat and clean. To sell car in UAE at a better price, the maintenance of exterior and interior of a car is imperative.

Tyre Management

Tyre management is an important car maintenance tip as it helps in getting a better resale value of the car. Tyre’s performance is affected by changing weather conditions, for example, the tyres absorb extra heat during the summer season that can cause them blow out. So, keeping the tyres perfectly inflated maintain a better connection of car with the road, enhance the fuel efficiency, and provides an excellent grip for a smooth and efficient ride.

Tyre Management

The driver needs to replace the old tyres with the good quality tyres that perfectly suit the road conditions. The sell car UAE experts recommend the usage of low resistance tyres for an improved performance of the engine. By following these tyre management tips, the seller can get a good selling price of the car.

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