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How to Calculate Second Hand Car Prices in the UAE?

Calculating second hand car prices is the fundamental step towards selling a used car in the UAE. The UAE car market is ranked amongst the most thriving and savvy car markets globally. People like to maintain their lifestyle so they opt for expensive cars and look for the opportunity to update their cars. This is the reason most people are familiar with the car selling process, they know about all the loopholes along with the reliable sources where they can sell their car or get reliable second hand car prices.

There are multiple car selling and second hand car prices estimation options that you can choose from. Experts know everything about the secure and reliable car selling options, but for a first-time car sellers, things might end up as an expensive disaster. For this reason, experts recommend that the sellers must conduct a detailed research about the ways of selling and estimating the second hand car prices before making a decision.

Here are a few reasons why you must conduct a detailed market research before making a decision about selling your car.

Second Hand Car Prices Research – Why It Is Important?

Determining the second hand car prices is as important as the sale or purchase of the car itself. Before selling a car, it is important to know about various car selling methods along with their pros and cons so you can know about what might go wrong. Even experts conduct research to stay updated because most of the time new technology and advanced methods are introduced on regular basis. For someone looking to price your car to sell it in the UAE, here are some of the methods to help you get second hand car prices and know more about car sales in the country.

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Estimate Second Hand Car Prices by Market Research

Market research is the conventional method of estimating the second hand car prices in the UAE. This method requires the seller to visit the car market and look for the identical car to get an estimate price. Another method that is usually used for estimating the car price is to hire a professional to conduct a physical inspection. During the physical inspection, the car is thoroughly checked and the price is estimated by professional on the basis of the test. Usually the professional estimate the car price on the basis of the exterior, interior, engine performance and accidental history of the car. The method is lengthy but it is very accurate, however, the only problem is that the physical inspection is an expensive method and this might not be in your budget. In most cases, dealers provide price estimation according to market price which means they don’t conduct a test instead they look for the normal car price that is usually offered for that make and model. This is the same as any other market research process and can only be accurate if the physical inspection is conducted.

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Estimate Car Value by Online Research

Online research is another method of determining the second hand car prices, for this, the seller has to search various classified websites and then estimate the price accordingly. For an estimate price, it is important to visit multiple websites and then look for the car of the same make and model as the car you want to sell. The problem is that this method is not reliable, most of the sellers are not professional and they randomly demand the price according to their personal opinion without any professional help. Moreover, even if the make and model are same, the car condition is never the same, which means without checking the accidental and maintenance history, it is nearly impossible to give an accurate car price. There is no reliability in this method of assessing the second hand car price, which simply means that it is just like estimating the car price on your own.

Estimate Price by Online Car Value Calculator

Estimating the second hand car prices can be quite expensive for the seller because most companies offer physical inspection at a very high price. The best and completely free method of determining the car price is to use car buying expert companies. These companies have designed a very suitable car selling method for the seller and to ensure there is no possibility of scam, the process is monitored very closely. The first step is to get free online car value by using the free online car value calculator, this takes around 15 seconds and the provided quote is accurate according to the market value. The second phase is to book an appointment for the detailed free physical inspection, on taking the car for physical inspection professional will determine the car price on the basis of the exterior, interior, maintenance history, accidental history and important specification that can affect the car price. After the careful inspection, the team of professionals offers the final price to the seller. This whole process takes only 30 minutes and at the end of this, if the seller accepts the offer, the car seller can sell his or her car to the company right there. The company handles all the documentation process for free and copies of these documents are also sent to the seller. In case the seller decides to reject the offer, he can walk away without paying anything for the service as the car buying expert company offers all their services free of cost.

Final Takeaway

All the above-mentioned methods of getting car value have their own significance. However, the best method to calculate the second-hand car prices is to use the online car value calculator. This calculator is available on the websites of the car buying professional websites and it is completely free, which makes it the best choice.