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Figuring Out How to Sell Used Car in the UAE in the Most Efficient Way

Selling a used car has never been an easy job in the UAE. The UAE’s car market is quite dynamic and has been evolving for many years now. Car sellers are often faced with the dilemma of trying to find the best solution for their car selling problems. Sellers also look for ways with which to reduce the hassle that they might face in the process and also want to be able to reduce the time that it takes in the sale. The emergence of the internet has made it very easy for sellers to conduct their business on cyberspace.

Now anyone with internet access can easily view these ads and make quick purchases or sales. Online platforms have become a regular part of public life in the country. People find it easier to do purchases or make sales with the help of these platforms. They provide people with the opportunity to find more acceptable selling prices as well. Online Platforms also provide guidelines to the sellers on how to get the best sale imaginable, and also give them an idea about the actual selling price of their car.

This can prove to be very beneficial for the seller who might be looking to get a profit out of the sale of his car, or for someone looking to leave the country in a hurry. There are different online car sales platforms that provide services in the UAE, the most popular ones include Social Media Websites, Classified Websites and Professional Car Selling Organizations. Despite their popularity, many people in the UAE are still confused on how to sell used car and also prefer using the traditional methods of car sales in the country.

There are many reasons for this unusual phenomenon and it would be best to consider all of these platforms in more detail.

How to Sell Used Car in the UAE via Traditional Sales Methods

Most people in the UAE still prefer to use the traditional methods of car sales over the new ones. The traditional methods that have been commonly used are newspaper advertisements and gathering information by consulting other people about the selling price of a car. These methods have been in use for many decades and are considered to be quite reliable, as the seller is brought into direct physical contact with the buyer. The methods also provide the seller with some degree of security regarding the sale, as he is physically present during the activity. There are advantages attached to these methods, but they cannot be seriously considered as the best options on how to sell my car in the UAE.

The reason being that these methods can never claim to address one of the main problems of the seller, i.e. being guaranteed of securing a car sale. None of the methods can give the seller an assurance that his car would indeed be sold quickly if he wants to sell it. The time taken to find a suitable buyer and negotiate about the price would still be the same as it had been before. Another issue with these traditional methods is that the experiences of other people cannot be taken as proof that the same experiences will be had by others as well. The possibility of having a very good sales experience is quite low, as the bad experiences of car selling outweigh good experiences in the UAE.

So one can never be sure of getting the same kind of experiences as the others. The seller can therefore look for a more reliable and hassle-free way of selling his car in the country.

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Online Car Selling Platforms

Online Platforms give a seller greater freedom in terms of the choices available to him for the purpose of selling his car. These platforms are preferred because of the reliability that they possess. They not only allow the seller to get a somewhat accurate price estimate but also let him get the job done in an easy and hassle-free way.

As a seller, I can get a car price valuation and a good selling price whilst sitting in the comfort of my home. This does slightly help in answering my question of how do I sell my car for profit in the Middle East. However, there still are many disadvantages of using online platforms as well, which need to be kept in mind when using them for car sales.

Selling Cars using Social Media Websites

Social Media Websites are a newly emerging online car sales platform, which provides a car seller with a wide network to engage for his purpose. Social Media Websites provide sellers with the opportunity to upload his sales ad either onto his own timeline, or onto specific groups or pages. The seller can then be directly contacted by interested buyers. The social media sites that are most commonly used for car selling purposes are Facebook and Twitter. These websites are very easy to use and can be accessed by anyone.

One of the biggest issues with the use of these websites is that their privacy can never be ascertained. A seller can set the privacy for his ad to limited, but that won’t allow him to reach a large enough audience. Therefore, he may be forced to set the privacy setting to public, thereby exposing his personal information to random people on the website. This can turn out to be detrimental to the personal security of the seller, whose picture, phone number and address is visible to people with evil intentions.

This leaves the seller quite vulnerable and at the mercy of such fraudsters who might try to harm him. Social Media Websites provide no legal cover either, therefore it cannot be regarded as a reliable means of selling cars in the UAE.

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Using Classified Websites to Sell Cars in the UAE

Classified Websites are another popular means of online car sales in the UAE. The classified websites platform is a bit different than that of the Social Media Websites, because Online Classifieds provide the seller with a dedicated platform that revolves entirely around the buying and selling of cars. This service is popular and is used quite regularly by the public in the UAE. The seller can initiate the process by creating a free account on the website and uploading a customized ad that provides details about his car.

The limitations with Classified Websites are of a different nature than the social media websites. For example, the ads that people post on these websites require a 2 to 3 day waiting period during which they are examined and then approved by the website administrators for publication. This can prove to be very frustrating for the seller in case they are looking for a quick sale. The system does not filter out fake buyers, who can constantly disturb the seller through phone calls or by showing up at his house.

Classifieds take no responsibility for the sales process, and do not provide any kind of relief to the seller in this regard. The level of discomfort that a seller might face while using Online Classifieds is quite high, and therefore this platform ought to be avoided as well.

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The professional car buying platform of is the ultimate answer to the seller’s questions regarding car sales in the UAE. The system can be initiated by inputting the details of the car onto the online car valuation form which provides an initial selling price. The seller is also offered an online appointment for a detailed inspection of the car. The inspection is carried out by the valuation experts of the company, who provide a final selling price at the end.

In case the seller accepts the price, his car is bought immediately by the company. The company transfers the amount to the seller’s bank account through electronic bank transfer. The legal paperwork is also taken care of by the company, and the seller is faced with the least amount of hassle in the process. This proves that the online car valuation and sales platform is the best answer to my problem of how to sell used car in the UAE in the most efficient way.

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