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An Easy Guide to Selling Cars in Dubai

Dubai is a city where having a car means a lot to people. If you have a car in the UAE, you not only reduce your travelling expenses, but also get to travel anywhere in the emirate without being restricted by the local transportation system. This is one of the reasons that denote the popularity of cars in Dubai. You also need to ensure that your car is in good shape and condition to use the emirate roads otherwise the RTA will restrict your vehicle. When people feel that they are spending too much on their cars, the first idea that comes to them is to sell the vehicle. It is a good move as it gives you a good return on your previous vehicle so you can buy a new one but selling cars in Dubai is not as easy as it seems.

Is Selling Cars in Dubai Easy?

With an array of online car selling options available in Dubai, one usually thinks that selling cars in Dubai would be a cup of tea. But this is not always the case. There are many factors involved in selling a car that first-time sellers are unaware of. This usually leads them to lose money in bad deals. If you are thinking of selling a car in Dubai, here are some points that you have to keep in mind and measures to follow before trade your car for a sum of money.

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Selling Car on Classified Websites

Usually when one plans of selling a car, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is a classified website. After all, one can easily access classified websites from any device that is connected to the internet, place an ad for free and wait for the buyers to contact them. Surely, this all sounds really simple and easy, but there is more to this than meets the eye. When you are required to give in your contact information you are compromising your personal information that will be made public once the ad goes live. This will allow all sorts of people to contact you and some of them could also be fraudsters. Thankfully the current environment of Dubai is very peaceful and reports of people getting harassed by random people are very rare, but they are not completely non-existent, and you certainly don’t want to be one of those few that get pestered by unsolicited phone calls.

Selling Car on Classified Websites

Another adverse aspect of using a classified website for selling car in Dubai is that some people with criminal intentions may contact you and give you a very good price for your car. You will be tempted with the offer and would love to sell your car to them. They will pay you good money for your car but refrain from transferring the title deed to their names. So, if they carry out any criminal activity using the car that you sold them, the law enforcement authorities will hold your responsible for it. This way you may get framed from a crime you never committed.

Selling Cars Through Certified Car Dealers

Another choice that car sellers in Dubai have is to sell their car through certified car dealers. These people are efficient in selling your car, but they take a commission for it too. In most cases, they will be more inclined to sell your car at a low rate just to close a quick sale. This way they end up getting their commission by selling your car fast, but they also leave you to suffer monetary losses that could have been avoided if you had waited for a buyer willing to pay more money for your car.

Selling Cars Through Certified Car Dealers

In some rare cases, there are people who pose as certified car dealers, but they are not and if you are a first-time car seller in Dubai, you will not be able to identify them properly. They will not only sell your car to fake buyers, but they may also run away with your car without paying you any money. This can result in serious fiscal losses on your side and can get you framed for any criminal activity that may have been carried on that vehicle.

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Selling Cars to Car Buying Specialist Companies

Car buying specialist companies are a relief to anyone selling car in Dubai. These companies have proper online portals that come with online car value calculator which is a very efficient tool in evaluating the value of your car. Sellers can get their cars evaluated just by adding the make, model, year and condition in the right fields and clicking on the evaluate button. Once you have the estimated value for your car, you can then bring your car to respective outlets of the car buying company or have the car buying experts come at your residence for a detailed inspection of the car. After the inspection, the car buying specialist will offer you a good price for your vehicle and you will be given the choice to either accept the offer or reject it. If you accept the offer, the car will be sold to the company and all paperwork will be handled by the car buying company as well. You will have the money safely transferred to your account and all will be well.

Selling Cars to Car Buying Specialist Companies

If you are aiming at selling cars in Dubai in a hassle-free and secure manner then we believe that car buying specialist websites such as are one of the best places to sell a car in the UAE. You can use their online car value calculator to get an estimated price of your car and then proceed with the selling process if you wish. Good luck.

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