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Basic Things to Consider before You Sell Your Car in Dubai

There are some important things that you need to consider before you sell your car in Dubai as the car market here has grown rapidly and a number of car selling and buying deals are taking place on daily basis. It is essential for the car seller to first learn the dimensions of the used car market before taking his car for sale.

This helps the sellers in avoiding a fake car deal as a number of such deals have been reported in the UAE car market where the inexperienced car sellers are easily tricked by the fraudsters that result in the loss of their vehicles.

The car sellers can follow some basic tips to make sell car Dubai easier and safer. Before taking the car for sale, the seller needs to maintain it and keep the maintenance record with himself to avoid any kind of disturbance. It is also essential for the seller to get an idea about the price of the vehicle as this help both parties to agree to some suitable selling price of the vehicle. The sellers must try to reach a large audience by posting the ads of their used vehicles on online websites to reach the potential buyers.

Here are some of the most important things that the car sellers must keep in their minds before selling their used cars in Dubai.

Use Car Maintenance Tips Before You Sell Your Car in Dubai

A well maintained used car attracts more buyers as compared to a roughly used car that is not maintained in a good way. With the expansion of Dubai car market, a number of car companies are introducing their brand new vehicles with innovative technologies and attractive designs that make them a point of attraction thus losing the value of used cars in the market. However, not all of these brand new cars are within the reach of the buyers and they always look to buy some well-maintained used car to fulfil their needs. So the introduction of new vehicles in the car market is not the reason behind the fall in the sale of used cars but it is the car maintenance that rates the car for sale.

Use Car Maintenance Tips Before You Sell Your Car in Dubai

The car seller can maintain the car even at his home by simply following some of the best and easiest tips for car maintenance. The exterior is part of any vehicle where the buyers set their sights and if it is not maintained the chance of its sale fall. It is essential for the seller to keep the exterior clean by removing the dust over it and giving it a regular wash with a quality shampoo. The seller also needs to remove different kinds of scratches over the body paint to give it a glowing look.

The interior of the vehicle is also an important part that needs to be cleaned before the seller takes the vehicle for sale. It is often recommended by the leading car experts that to sell your car in Dubai you must keep the interior clean to get a better price of the vehicle. The seller needs to remove the dust from air vents and other parts of the cabin to prepare it for sale. It is also important to keep the seats clean, remove the redundant materials from the cargo area, and use a good spray to remove the odour.

To keep the engine well maintained is also important for car valuation Dubai as it is the main part of the vehicle that helps it run. The car sellers need to take the vehicle to some car mechanic to do the complete check-up of the engine before taking the vehicle for sale in the car market. The seller needs to make it sure that the engine oil is full and its other functions are also working perfectly. Similarly, it is also important to keep the car tyres perfectly inflated as this give them a good shape and help the seller in getting a good price of the vehicle.

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Keep the Car Papers in Order

Keeping the car papers in order is important for the seller before taking the car for sale. The car papers are vital to prove the legality of the car and to gain the confidence of the buyers. Keeping your car papers with you help you in getting your car sold quickly as it saves the time as well as the extra cost that you might have to incur by developing them again. The buyer always asks the seller about the car’s documents before paying the money to make himself sure that the seller is the legal owner of the vehicle.

Keep the Car Papers in Order

It has also been recommended by leading car experts that the sellers also need to keep the car maintenance record with themselves by just writing the essential information in a book and keeping the receipts of car maintenance, purchase, and repair. The seller must enlist the vehicle’s vital information including make, model, insurance, oil change information, engine maintenance record, total mileage, tyre management, accident reports (if any), and air filter replacement to get the car sold easily at a good price.

Use Online Car Value Calculator

The online car value calculator is an online tool to calculate the total value of the used vehicle and makes the car valuation Dubai easier. It is recommended by the leading car experts that before taking your vehicle for sale in the car market, it is good for you to get an ideal about the estimated price of your vehicle. There are many different ways through which a seller can get an estimated price of his vehicle and he might have to pay some amount for this purpose but the online car value calculator is a free tool to value the car.

Use Online Car Value Calculator

It gives an estimated price without market research of the used cars that save the sellers from the hassles of the car market. Moreover, it does not require any sensitive information about the car seller and all he has to do is to put the make, model, year, and other information about the vehicle to get an estimated price. It is easily available on the webistes of professional car buying companies and is a very convenient tool for getting an idea about the total value of the vehicle before putting it on sale.

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Post an Online Ad of the Vehicle

Today, the ease of internet has made our life easier than ever. We have access to a number of online platforms where we do selling and buying of different products. This has also become familiar with car selling and buying as different car selling deals are taking place through the internet. The classified websites are considered most important to reach a big audience to sell your vehicle and the private car dealers have also established their online car selling services. To sell your car in Dubai, it is important for you to post an ad of your used vehicle on any of the leading car selling websites to reach some potential buyers.

Post an Online Ad of the Vehicle

To post an ad for the vehicle, all the seller has to do is to take some quality pictures of the vehicle and post them on the website with some important details of the vehicle. The seller needs to provide correct information about the vehicle to gain the buyers trust to make Dubai car sell easier and faster. However, these online websites do not ensure of a safe car selling process as they do not follow any legal procedure of car selling and are also not registered with authorities thus leaving the sellers always in threat of losing their vehicles.

Selling Your Car to a Professional Car Buying Company

If you still do not want to follow any of the above mentioned tips to sell your car in Dubai, you can still sell it to The is a professional car buying company in the UAE that is trusted by a number of customers because of its dynamic business model, which has made it an international phenomenon. The company is registered with authorities in the UAE and follow a legal car buying procedure that is passed by the authorities and does not involve an iota of risk.

Selling Your Car to a Professional Car Buying Company

To sell a car to, all you have to do is to fill an online car valuation form that is available at the company’s website and does not cost you even a single penny. This online car valuation form requires the basic information about the vehicle and gives an estimated price that is open to negotiation. If you like the price, your can book an appointment with our leading car expert team at any nearby branch of the company for physical inspection of your vehicle.

Our car expert team do the physical inspection of your vehicle in a short period of time and tell their final price of the vehicle. You are completely free to accept or reject the offered price as does not make it compulsory for the sellers that they have to accept the offered price. Once you accept the offered price, it leads to an immediate selling of your vehicle within just 30 minutes. also takes care of the post-sale paperwork and pay her clients through electronic bank transfer.

So, it is the best place to sell your car in Dubai where you have not to worry about any hidden cost, any kind of risk, and you can go home with your money in the safest way.

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