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Vital Guidelines to Sell Any Car Dubai Efficiently and Safely

Most car sellers in Dubai face an issue when trying to sell their car for a good price. The seller is often puzzled on the question of how to sell any car Dubai. There are many car selling mechanisms available to the seller for this purpose.  The seller has to ensure that the increasing competition in the UAE car market doesn’t affect the sale of his car. The seller therefore needs to figure out the best system that can help him achieve the objective of selling his car without too much hassle.

Unfortunately, there are many fraudsters in the UAE car market that are constantly looking for ways with which to deceive simple car sellers. So the car sellers have to be aware of the tricks that such people use. Many car sellers in the past have been trapped in the deceptions of such people. A few have had their money stolen and some have even had their car stolen while accompanying the cheaters on test drives.

As a car seller you must be confused about the available options to sell your car in Dubai safely and securely. What alternatives does one have if he is selling used car in Dubai without having to go through risks and hassle? The car seller’s problems are solved by internet based sales platforms, which allow a seller to get into contact with multiple people who could offer him a good price.

On the other hand, many car sellers still prefer using the old or common methods of selling cars rather than the new ones.

Sell Any Car Dubai via the Car Dealers Platform

It has always been difficult for normal people to figure out which car dealers are authentic and which are fake. The unlicensed car dealers are experts in exploiting the vulnerabilities of common people. They are familiar with the tricks of the trade in car markets and have years of experience as well. They always try their best to make the seller agree to unfair deals in the hopes of gaining profit. They show fake licenses when asked, and waste time once asked about it. Being able to identify fake dealers can save car sellers from monetary loss.

This doesn’t mean that all car dealers are fake. Many are legitimate dealers and are not offended by your questions about their license. One way to figure out which dealer is real and which is fake is by judging their insistence on which method of payment to use. A real dealer will never pressurize you to accept payments through cheque. They would be content in using cash payments. Fake dealers often give false and dud cheques that bounce later on.

Another indication of a dealer being real is their attitude towards finishing the legal paperwork. A real dealer would quickly finish the legal paperwork. Fake dealers are commonly using illegal means to finish the paperwork and therefore use delaying tactics.

These are a few ways in which you can identify real or fake dealers when using car dealer’s platform to sell your car in Dubai.

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Things to Remember When Selling Used Car in Dubai Through Classified Websites

Classified Websites are widely used in Dubai and are an important means of buying and selling used cars. Classified websites allow car sellers to upload their car’s information to the website and place an advertisement for its sale. The sellers are provided with an estimated selling price of their car and are then contacted by people interested in buying their car. This process seems easy and hassle free, but there are a few issues in this platform as well that can result in loss and discomfort for the seller.

There is a high possibility of the seller being approached by someone with an intention to harm or loot him in this platform. The seller cannot do anything about this because most classified websites are unregistered with the local authorities. There is no legal protection provided to the seller either. Because of these websites being unregistered with the local authorities, they are also not bound by the country’s legal system. This means that they cannot be charged with providing security assurances to the buyers or sellers. Classified Websites also take no responsibility for the kind of people that use their platform. There is simply no sense of security in this platform.

The ads are publicly available anywhere in the UAE. The personal information that a seller provides on them can be viewed by gangs involved in car scams and can result in blackmail. The seller has to be very cautious when using these websites, and should ensure that all safety precautions are taken before allowing someone to visit their home and look at their car. The seller must ensure to be accompanied by a friend when taking the car out for test drives, so that the possibility of someone stealing the car can be reduced.

The seller should also ensure that all payments are made in cash, and not via cheque. The possibility of cheques being fake is very high when making sales deals through online classified websites, and the seller must insist on only accepting cash payments. This way fake cheques can be avoided.

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The car seller’s problems can be taken care of by the well-known online car sales platform of offers an easy and superior alternative to the traditional methods of selling used car in Dubai. The platform is a professional company that specializes in the sale of used cars in the UAE, and provides free online valuation services as well. This gives the seller an option to sell any car Dubai in a free and efficient manner.

The process begins when a seller enters the required details into the online valuation form on the company’s webpage and is then shown an initial price valuation of their car. The seller has the option to ignore the rest of the steps if he wants to, but in case he decides to use the platform to sell his car then he can use the online portal to book an appointment for a thorough car inspection.

Once the inspection is completed by the company’s sales experts, the seller is offered a final price for the sale of the car. This entire activity can be completed in only 30 minutes. The seller is once again free to simply walk away with the car in case he doesn’t agree with the price. He also has an option to negotiate a more suitable price. The sellers comfort is the top priority for the company, and there are no restrictions on him. The highly professional services of are indeed the best option to sell any car Dubai in a safe and hassle free environment.

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