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Sell Car in the UAE – Where to Sell a Non-Running Car at a Good Price

To sell car in UAE, one come across different platforms to sell used cars as the rapid expansion of car market across the region has resulted in the opening of different platforms where the sellers can sell their used cars. There are different platforms that deal with selling and buying of non-running cars but it is not easier to find a good price for them. Mostly, people look to buy used cars that are in good shape and are available at affordable prices. However, one might find it difficult to sell non-running cars because there are a few buyers for these cars who try to buy them as cheap as they can.

A car is said to be non-running or totalled when the cost of its repair exceeds the actual cost and the seller is left with no other option but to sell it at a lower price. Today, one can easily find a number of platforms to sell used cars but the process to sell any car UAE is not easy as it seems to be. The classified websites and private car dealers are always considered important to sell any used car in car market but both of these platforms are not secured and cannot ensure a safe car selling process. Moreover, the sellers who are looking to sell non-running cars find it difficult to attract any buyer on any of these platforms.

We have mentioned some of the easy tips that will help the sellers in selling their non-running cars in the UAE.

Sell Car in UAE – The Local Auto Dealers

For decades, the local auto dealers or private car dealers are considered important to sell any used car throughout the world because sellers want to sell their cars quickly and at a better resale value. It might attract one that these dealers have established their online platforms for car selling and buying but all that glitters is not gold. These dealers might tell you that they will try to find a suitable buyer for your non-running car but cannot ensure how and when. It might take a long period of time and moreover, as you are trying to sell a non-running car, these dealers cannot ensure a better resale value.

Sell Car in UAE - The Local Auto Dealers

One might be told to first prepare the car and then come to sell. To sell car in UAE, it is important to give a better look to the used car but it is difficult to repair the non-running car as its actual cost is larger than its real cost. The private car dealers might ensure the sellers that they might not get the desired price of their non-running cars but can still sell them. However, they cannot ensure you of the total time required to complete this process that left you nothing but to wait for months to find a suitable buyer for your non-running car.

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Can Selling in Bits and Pieces Help in Earning a Better Resale Price?

When one decides to repair the non-running car and its cost exceeds the actual cost then it is the time to sell the non-running car in bits and pieces. This is an important method to sell any non-running car to earn a better price as compared to selling it at the whole. However, one should understand that this process is lengthy and the seller has to wait and work hard to find possible buyers.

The sell car UAE process can help the seller earning a better resale value of the used car if the seller utilizes all of the available resources in an efficient manner. First of all, one needs to do a regular check of different parts of the non-running car and needs to find if there is any possibility to repair any of its parts. This can be done with the help of any car mechanic who has enough knowledge of how to unscrew different parts of your non-running car.

It is important to note that engine, transmission, braking system, and drive shaft are the most important part of any car and the seller should try to repair them instead of putting them on sale in a bad condition. All of these parts are expansive and can earn you a better resale value. Once these and other parts of the car are ready to be displayed for selling, it is important to find the potential buyers who can buy these parts at a god price. If it is becoming difficult to find any buyer to sell car in UAE then the most important method is to selling to salvage lot. Moreover, one can also consult any private car dealer or reach the private market to sell these parts.

As soon as the seller finds the potential buyer, it is important to first negotiate the prices and then sell different parts. The process of negotiations helps both the seller and buyer to reach a better resale value that both parties agree.

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Selling a Non-Running Car to Junk Yards

A non-running car can be sold to junk yards as they are easy to reach and buy your car within minutes if it is beyond repair. These junk yards are recommended by car experts when sellers reach them to find the possible best platform to sell their non-running cars. All you have to do is to find the number of any of them from your phone directory and call them to buy the non-running car. It is important that the seller should tell accurate information about the car to earn a better resale value and to avoid any kind of fail deal.

Selling a Non-Running Car to Junk Yards

To sell car in UAE and in case of non-running cars, a number of sellers contact these jink yards who instantly buy their cars. After providing the information about the car, these junk yards will name a price and if you agree, it will lead to an instant selling of your non-running car. Moreover, the seller can also avoid the money for towing the car because these junk yards come with one of their own. However, you must know that these junk yards pay a little amount of money and do not pay much for non-running cars.

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Repair Your Non-Running Car

The process of sell any car UAE ensures a better resale value against cars that look better and their performance attributes are in good condition. Repairing a non-running car should be considered as last option one has to take to sell the car. This is a very difficult process and requires both the time and a large sum of money that might become difficult for one to manage.

Repair Your Non-Running Car

However, it is important to first consider the repairing cost of the car and if it is affordable then repair your car. It is important to repair your car to get a better resale value.

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Sell Car in UAE to

If you want to avoid hassles of selling a non-running car then you can sell it to at a better resale value that you might not find on any other platform. The is a professional car buying company in the UAE that deals with buying all kinds of vehicles as long as the sellers are willing to sell them. The company will buy your non-running car at a better price that has made it the favourite platform for many sellers to sell any car UAE where the sellers can safely sell their used cars. Moreover, it is registered with authorities and follow a legal process of car selling and buying.

To sell a non-running car, the seller needs to fill an online car valuation form on the company’s official website. This form is used by to evaluate your car and you will be told an estimated price of your car. If you like this estimated price then you can book a free appointment with leading car expert team of the company for the physical inception of your non-running car.

This team do the physical inspection of the non-running car within just 30 minutes and tell final price to the seller. If seller likes this offered price, it leads to an immediate selling of car. The sell car UAE process is made easy and safe by as it takes care of the post-sale paperwork and pays her clients through electronic bank transfer. So, you can go home safely with the money and also do not need to worry about any paperwork.

This makes the best platform to sell car in UAE and even your car is non-running, you will get a better resale value.

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