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Sell Your Car in the UAE – Car Maintenance Tips for a Better Resale Value

To sell your car in UAE, you are often advised by the car experts to follow some important car maintenance tips that can give a better look to your used vehicle. The car maintenance tips are important to follow no matter the vehicle is new or the used one if the seller wants to get a long lasting performance from the vehicle. These days, it is easy to know how you can maintain your vehicle because the ease of internet services have made it easier to learn some important car maintenance techniques.

The car market in the UAE has been expanding rapidly with a continuous influx of both the brand new vehicles and the used ones. The car selling in UAE is mostly based on the vehicle’s maintenance that the sellers need to follow to get a better resale value. Instead of the introduction of a number of new vehicles in the market, the demand for the used vehicles has not come down and a large number of buyers are buying them on daily bases.

Here are some of the easiest and best car maintenance tips that you can even follow at your home to maintain your vehicle.

Sell Your Car in UAE – Give a Better Look to the Exterior

The exterior of any vehicle is its part that gives the first impression to the buyer and if it is not maintained well, the seller cannot get an ideal resale value of his used vehicle. It has been also recommended by the car experts that the sellers must pay attention towards the maintenance of the exterior of their vehicles to make them look attractive. Different car selling websites in UAE are mentioning different car maintenance tips that the sellers can follow to maintain the exterior of their vehicles.

It is not a good practice that when you buy a brand new vehicle you do not pay attention towards the maintenance of its exterior. The leading car experts have strongly recommended that the exterior of the brand new vehicle is also important to maintain as it might get effected from the harmful sun rays, dust particles, etc. Here are some of the important tips to maintain the exterior of your vehicle that can help in sell your car in UAE at a better price.

  • It is important to give a regular wash to the exterior of the vehicle to remove the dust and any kind of decaying material. This regular wash of the exterior protects the paint and prevent it from getting rusted and looking ugly.
  • The seller needs to use a quality shampoo while washing the exterior of the vehicle as it provides a sophisticated yet glowing look to the vehicle.
  • After washing the exterior, the seller can use any cloth to remove the water from it and allow it to completely get drier.
  • As soon as the exterior gets dry, the seller can polish the exterior. The polishing of the exterior can be done either by hand or with a dual-action polisher.
  • The car selling in UAE is hugely effected by the vehicle’s look and to give a more glowing look to the exterior of the vehicle, the seller can wax it. For this purpose, the seller can use either a carnauba wax or polymer form wax. The waxing of the exterior ensures that it is protected from the harmful sun rays.
  • The management of the exterior does not stop here as there are other parts of the vehicle’s exterior that needs to be maintained, for example, the windshields and windows. It is important that the seller wash the windshields and windows of the vehicle. Once the seller washes the windows and windshields, he can use Windex or some other household glass cleaner to provide a glowing look to the exterior.
  • The wheels of a vehicle are also an important part of the exterior and plays a crucial role in the overall look. It is important to manage the car’s wheels to give a glowing look to the exterior. The modern vehicles are coming with alloy wheels that deliver a much better performance on different kinds of roads. To wash the wheels of the vehicle, the seller can use acid-free pH balanced aluminum wheel cleaner to give them a glowing look.

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A Well Maintained Interior Helps in Car Selling in UAE

It is the interior of any vehicle where the driver and passenger get them seating while taking a journey. The maintenance of the vehicle’s interior is strongly recommended by the car experts who deal with the vehicle’s management techniques. If you want to sell your car in UAE at a better resale value, it is imperative to maintain the interior of your vehicle. The seller can easily maintain the interior of his vehicle as there are a number of modern techniques available today that can make a rusted cabin look new. Here are some of the important interior maintenance tips that cost you a very little amount and you can follow them at your home as well.

  • While cleaning the interior of the vehicle, it is important to first remove the dust from the cabin as the layers of dust in different areas of the interior give a bad look and irk the buyers who come to buy the vehicle. So, to keep the interior clean, it is important for the seller to first remove the dust from the cabin to make it look presentable.
  • The seats in the cabin are important to clean because the buyers often distanced themselves from the vehicles whose seats are not maintained. First of all, the seller needs to remove the dust from the seats and for this process, he can use a cloth. Once the dust is removed from the seats, the seller can use any lubricant to give a glowing look to the seats. Moreover, if the seat surface needs to be changed, the seller must change it to easily sell car in UAE.
  • It is important that the seller keeps the cargo area clean. The cargo area often gets a bad look when the passengers carry heavy luggage and leave dust inside it. So, the seller can give a better look to vehicle’s cabin by keeping the cargo area neat and clean.
  • Today, the modern vehicles are coming with automatic climate controls that are fitted with micro fibres to block the passage of dust particles in the cabin. However, the conventional climate controllers do not come with dust particle blockers and the cabin get easily polluted. It is important to you that you must keep the air vents clean to give the cabin a better look if you want to sell your car in UAE at a better resale value.

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Sell Car in UAE to

There are a number of car selling websites in UAE that are providing different platforms where you can sell your used vehicle. However, not all of these websites are free from any kind of security risk and provide free of cost services. The police in the UAE have registered different complaints related to scar selling scams where the online car selling websites are heavily involved. As most of these websites are not registered with the authorities so there is no surety that you can avoid a fraud car selling deal.

It is always important that when you try to sell any used vehicle online, you must do your homework before taking any decision. If the seller does not want to follow any of the above car maintenance tips, he can still sell his used vehicle at a better price by just selling it to The is a professional car buying company in the UAE that deals in car selling and make the whole process easier and safer for the sellers.

The company is registered with the authorities and have a large number of branches across the UAE. While selling a car to, all the seller has to do is to fill an online car valuation form that is available on the company’s website and is very easy to fill. All the seller needs to do is to put the make, model, and year of the vehicle and he will get an estimated price of his used vehicle. If the seller likes this estimated price then he can book an appointment with the company’s leading car buying expert team for the physical inspection of his vehicle.

The car expert team is ready to make car selling in UAE easy and profitable and do the physical inspection of the vehicle within just 30 minutes and also tell the final price of the vehicle. Again, if the seller accepts the final price it leads to an immediate selling of his used vehicle and he can go home with the money as pays her clients through electronic bank transfer. The company also takes care of the post-sale paperwork that makes it the best place to sell your car in UAE.

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