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Maintaining Your Tyres – Essential Tips to Get a Better Performance from Tyres

Tyres are the most important part of your vehicle as they keep the weight of the vehicle and maintain the grip on the road. The car experts often tell you different tyre maintenance tips that you can use to improve the performance of your vehicle. However, not all of these tips are easy to use as they require precision and agility. So, we have listed some of the easiest tips that you can easily follow to improve the performance of the tyres.

Today, the tyre manufacturers are using advanced technologies to build tyres so that they can deliver a long lasting performance. Instead of the usage of advanced technologies, the tyres of any vehicle can blow out anytime if they are not properly maintained. For example, during the summer season the road absorb extra heat and if the tyres are not properly inflated it can cause them blow out. Moreover, people also plan to go on adventurous trips where the roads are challenging and the tyres play a crucial role in covering those arduous journeys. So, it is imperative that before going on any trip, you must check the tyres of your vehicle to avoid any kind of disturbances.

maintaining your tyres


Here are some of the easy tyre maintenance tips that can help in achieving a good performance from tyres.

Wheel Alignment

The alignment of wheels is important to make the ride comfortable and also getting a better tyre performance. If the wheels of the vehicle are perfectly aligned it helps the vehicle covering the road with stability and prevents the tyres from wearing and tearing. The process of wheel alignment ensures the perfect aligning of wheels and axles. It provides precise handling, saves the fuel, and increase the safety of the tyres by protecting them from different kinds of road troubles.

wheel alignment

It is not easy to guess if your vehicle’s wheels are perfectly aligned or not as they are directly linked to the suspension system and if the suspension’s geometry is incorrect, your safety become vulnerable. For example, while driving the vehicle, if you come into contact with a solid object or you have not noticed the uneven wear on your tyre then it is difficult to stabilize your vehicle and this is the time that you must go to some car expert for the alignment of the wheels.

The wheel alignment ensures best road handling, protects the baring and suspension, stop vibration and tyre wear, and improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

Always Check the Tyre Pressure

It is imperative to check the tyre pressure before you begin a long journey as the properly inflated tyres maximize the stability of your vehicle and reduce the chances of any kind of disturbances during the ride. The tyre pressure improves the performance of the tyres and if it is not perfectly checked then it leads to wear out of tyres faster and put the safety of your vehicle at risk.

The tyre pressure is important for two reasons, one it protects the tyres from any kind of damage and second, it mitigates the possibility that your car will spin out of control. Moreover, the perfectly inflated tyres improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle as well.

check the tyre pressure

It is often recommended by the tyre experts that you should check your tyre pressure continuously or at least once in a month for the better performance of the vehicle. The tyre pressure is mentioned inside the fuel cap or labelled on the door but to find the correct ratios, you can take the advice from any expert who deals in tyre management.

The tyre pressure can be lower down naturally and there are some easiest tips that you can follow to maintain it. You can use a pressure gauge to measure the tyre’s pressure and after that can unscrew the valve cap to put some air inside. The pressure of air must not exceed the recommended levels and after filling it you can put back the valve caps. However, if the tyres are hot then let them first getting cool before you start putting in some air.

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Check the Tyre Treads

A continuous checking of tyre treads helps in preventing some problems that might affect the performance of your vehicle. The usage of cutting edge technologies have enables the tyre makers to produce advanced tyres with an improved level of performance and grip to make the ride comfortable. However, not all tyres deliver the same performance and it is strongly recommended by the tyre experts that you must check the tyre treads before starting a long journey.

You can easily check the tread of your tyres by following some easy tips. See the tread bars of your tyres as they are easily visible and if they become worn then it is the time to replace the tyres. It is important to maintain the circumference of the tread of your tyres as recommended by the tyre experts of your region. If the tyres of your vehicle are worn on the outside then it is important that you need to maintain their inflation levels to save the fuel and getting a better performance.

check the tyre treads

Sometimes, the tyres are worn in the center that indicates they are over inflated and by driving them, it leads to extra fuel consumption and even risks a tyre blowout. So for this, get a pressure gauge and deflate your vehicle’s tyres. While driving the vehicle, if something’s lodged in the tread or even gone through the rubber, it is recommended that you must reach the garage or you can face a flat tyre.

Similarly, the uneven wear across all tyres can be prevented by maintaining the suspension of your vehicle and a perfect alignment of the wheels. All of these tips are easy to follow and improve the tread of your vehicle’s tyres.

Balancing Your Tyres

The perfectly balanced tyres prevent premature wear and eliminate the vibrations on the road. To balance your tyres, you can consult a tyre expert who can help your tyres getting balanced. You can get the idea about the balance of your tyres when the vehicle’s suspension system disintegrates and you feel more pressure on one side of the vehicle.

balancing your tyres

So, it is recommended that the suspension of the vehicle needs to be maintained to balance the tyres. However, if the suspension is working perfectly and your tyres are not balanced then it is the time that you replace your old tyres with new ones.

Rotate the Tyres

The front tyres of your vehicle often wear out faster as compared to the rear tyres because they hold the weight of the engine and are directly related to the steering wheel. The leading tyre experts recommend that you need to continuously rotate the tyres of your vehicle to reduce the wear and getting a long lasting performance. The ideal time to rotate your vehicle’s tyres is after every 10,000 Km and for this, you can consult some car expert or even do it by yourself.

rotate the tyres

If you drive your vehicle on daily basis and cover long distances by carrying heavy loads then you must rotate the tyres of your vehicle to get rid of wear and unwanted sounds. You can do this process by yourself by simply rotating the tyres from front to back while following the directional tread patterns mentioned on the tyres.

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Tyre Valves Checking

Valves are the main components of tyres that block the continuous release of air from inside the tyres and protect them from the road dust or any other kind of harmful material. Usually, the tyres come with rubber valves who easily get deteriorated over a period of time that cause damage to the tyres. While driving the vehicle at fast speed, these rubber valves can bend from centrifugal force and allow the air loss.

tyre valves checking

The valve cap is also important as it is the primary seal against the loss of the air and keep out the dust and dirt particles. So, you need to check the valves of your vehicle’s tyres continuously before going to ride and replace them if they are deteriorated to improve the tyre performance.

Replace Your Tyres

There comes a time when your tyres need to be replaced. You can take your vehicle to any tyre expert to get the tyres working properly. The car expert checks the internal condition as well as the outside condition of your tyres and uses all kinds of procedures to repair them. This can help you in getting a long time performance from the tyres.

replace your tyres

However, if none of the tyre maintenance tips can help your tyres then it is the right time that you need to replace your old tyres with new ones. Today, the leading tyre manufacturers are introducing different types of tyres that include summer season tyres, winter season tyres, all-season tyres, etc. You can take the advice of a tyre expert to know the perfect replacement for your vehicle’s tyres that perfectly fulfil your different driving needs.


The tyre management is an important process to increase the performance of your vehicle as tyres are the main component of a vehicle that helps it move. You can take the advice of any leading tyre expert to manage your vehicle’s tyres or can follow the above mentioned easy guidelines to get rid of tyre maintenance problems.

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