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Useful Guidelines to Sell a Car in Dubai Efficiently

The car market of the UAE has seen great changes over the last couple of years because of the arrival of new and advanced cars in the country. The UAE and Dubai in particular boasts one of the largest and most diverse car markets in the Middle East, and is therefore a favorable destination for car enthusiasts. The changes in the car market have made it very important for car owners to be able to sell their used cars in the best possible way in the country. Car Owners in Dubai are faced with the problem of trying to find a good enough selling price and sales deal because the market value of used cars is very hard to determine under these circumstances. There aren’t many reliable platforms or guidelines that can help them in the process of valuation either.

Used cars deteriorate over time and this makes it difficult to ascertain their true value. The seller is also faced with the dilemma of not being able to find an interested buyer for the used car. Most people then turn to car dealers or dealerships that claim to provide these services for a small price or commission. Their methods are known as traditional methods of car sales and are generally liked by car sellers in the UAE. But there are a few important issues that a seller needs to consider before trying to conduct his selling activities through them. The limitations of these platforms are somewhat identical to the issues that a seller would face whilst using some other platform, and therefore it would be beneficial to consider the following tips for dealing with the whole situation in more detail.

Sell a Car in Dubai with the Help of Traditional Methods

The traditional methods of car sales in the Dubai include the use of car dealers and registered dealerships. The people providing these services are considered to be very well versed in the process of buying and selling cars in the country. They have years of experience under their belts and are considered reliable by the public because of this.

The biggest issue with using car dealers or registered dealerships in Dubai is that car dealers do not give the accurate selling price for the car, and only give price estimates based on their own market knowledge. Their system of calculating the selling price of a car is very simple and basic, and therefore cannot be trusted as the right selling price for a used car in the country. Another reason for this is the fact that they are looking to keep their own profit margin as big as possible. They offer low and inaccurate selling prices because this increases their chances of getting a better commission for themselves by exploiting the seller. The longer they are able stall the sales process, the more a seller has to pay them.

Another major issue with these platforms is that the dealers and dealerships can never claim to guarantee the seller a sale of his car. The seller might be caught in a financial problem, and looking to earn some cash by the quick sale of his car. He might also be in a hurry to leave the country, and not have any time to spare for long and difficult car selling processes. The system of dealers and dealerships does not consider these limitations of the seller, and only works to satisfy the interests of the service providers. These platforms can thus never reassure the seller that his car would be sold through this process, and are very unreliable.

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Selling Cars in the UAE via Classified Websites

Classified Websites have become a popular means of selling cars in the UAE in recent times. Classified Websites create a dedicated connection between buyers and sellers by putting them directly in touch with each other over the internet. Classified Websites provide sellers with the opportunity to create a free online account for the purpose of posting ads and interacting with interested car buyers. The online account can also serve as a record of the conversations between the seller and interested buyers. The seller is then supposed to create a customized ad for the car, which mentions and highlights the details of the car.

The issue with classified websites is that they do not fulfil the seller’s requirements for a quick and hassle free sale. The ad which the seller creates for the purpose of posting onto the website needs approval from the administrators of the classified website, which takes at least 2 to 3 days. The time taken depends on the work load of the site administrators, and also on the date when the ad was submitted for posting. This can be very frustrating for the seller.

Another serious obstacle with using these sites is that they are freely available to anyone, which means that anyone with internet can access them and view the messages posted. The prospect of the seller being manipulated by people with evil intentions is quite high in this platform. The seller’s information is easily accessible, and can be exploited by such evil minded people. Therefore this platform cannot be regarded as a feasible option for the seller, and he has to look for a better system that allows fast and hassle-free car sales in the UAE.

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The seller must now be confused regarding his options for car sales. The seller must also be wondering how to secure a proper car sale through the available platforms. Does such a system exist? Is there a platform that can not only offer him a perfect car valuation but also provide him with a sales guarantee? The solution to the seller’s problems lies in the smart and reliable car buying system of, which offers free car valuation and sales services in the UAE. The system can be utilized by logging onto the company website and entering basic car details onto the online valuation form. The seller will then be provided with an initial car price estimate, which will be accompanied by an option to book an online appointment for a free of cost car inspection.

The car inspection can be done as per the seller’s convenience. The inspection is done and completed by the car valuation experts of the company, and once it has been completed then the seller is provided with a final selling price for the car. In case the seller agrees with the price suggested by the company, his car is purchased by the company and the payment is made immediately via electronic bank transfer. The process of valuation, inspection and sale can be completed in only 30 minutes. The whole process is built around the concept of user-friendliness and keeps the sellers comfort as its main priority. The seller is also not bound to only use the services of this platform, and has the freedom the stop the sales process at any moment that he sees fit. The company takes great pride in its professional valuation and selling services, and that is why this platform is the best option available to the seller.

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