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Identifying the Best Used Car Buyers in the UAE

The car market of the UAE has seen rapid growth over the last decade. This change in the car market is due to the arrival of new cars with advanced drivetrains and revolutionary features. The new cars are more technologically advanced and exceptionally powerful, which has increased their demand in the UAE. The increase in their demand has led to a bigger increase in the number of people who now look to sell out their used cars in the country. Having used cars is not a bad thing either but their resale and valuation is much different than that of newer cars, and also because the changes in their overall condition reduces their actual selling price.

The reduction in its selling price means that the seller has to find a proper mechanism that can help him in identifying the actual value of his car at a certain point in time. That is easier said than done, because the ways to figure out the selling price of car at a given point in time are all quite different than one another. Traditionally, people used to prefer the usage of newspaper advertisements or by consulting someone close to find out the value of a car at a given time. These platforms provided the easiest form of car valuation and sales to the people. But with time, they became obsolete and filled with problems.

Sellers could never get a surety of selling out their car. The sellers could also never be sure of having the same experience as that of the person who suggested the method to them. Because an individual car selling experience can vary from person to person. Therefore, the seller can be sure that these platforms of car sales in the Dubai and the rest of the UAE are not the best, and he needs a more reliable way to sell out his used car. There are many used car buyers in the UAE that perform in-person and online services, but the seller needs to figure out the best one of all for his own convenience.

Auction Companies That Operate as Used Car Buyers in the UAE

There are many auctioneering companies in the UAE that perform buying and selling services. Auction companies basically provide the car seller with a platform from where he can have bids placed on his used car by interested buyers. The process of bidding is allowed to continue during a limited period of time, and no bids are entertained once that time period ends. Bidders can go as high as they want, but once the final bid has been announced they cannot back out from the auction. The person who bids the highest amount on the car is declared as the winner of the process.

Despite the apparent ease with which someone can sell their car through Auctions, it is recommended to consider the following limitations that they pose for a car seller. The seller may come across an Auction company that tells him that we buy any car Dubai, but this claim of such companies cannot be taken seriously. Auctions aren’t cheap, because the seller is forced to pay money for the maintenance, evaluation and inspections of the car before and during the auction process. It is the contractual responsibility of the seller to take care of those charges on his own, otherwise he is considered to be in violation of the sales contract. Auctions also have a policy of charging commission from the seller in case the sales amount crosses into millions.

Another issue is that the bidding process can go into negative for the seller, which means that the seller might have to seller for a very low selling price. He won’t be able to do anything about such a scenario, because his contractual agreement with the auction company forbids him from making any changes to the program. This is why such auctions cannot be described as reliable platforms for car selling in the UAE.

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The Use of Social Media Websites to Sell Cars in the UAE

Social Media Websites are a recently emerging platform of car sales in the UAE and has been gaining popularity. Social Media Websites provide the sellers with the opportunity to upload their ads onto their own timelines or onto individual groups or pages. The seller’s ads can be viewed by a variety of different used car buyers in the UAE and they are free to contact him directly.

The issue with selling cars through social media websites is that the seller’s personal information is visible to the public. That information can be viewed by all kinds of people including legitimately interested car buyers but also some people with bad intentions. Such people might look to rob the seller or cause some other kind of harm to him. There is no way to filter such people out from the process, and therefore this method should be avoided as well.

Classified Websites as Tools of Selling Cars

The use of Classified Websites has been quite well known in the UAE. Classified Websites provide sellers with an opportunity to upload the information of their car onto the website and be approached by interested buyers. Classified Websites provide the seller with a free online account for this purpose, which can also be used to keep a track of the messages he sends and receives and also of his other activities.

The biggest issue with using Classified Websites for car sales in the UAE is that they do not possess any mechanism for accurate car price valuations, and therefore the price of a car that is suggested by such websites cannot be trusted. There are also no legal protections available to the seller in the use of these websites. The seller thus has to look for the best option of car sale in the UAE.

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Professional Car Buying Services of

The professional platform of is the best option available to sellers for the purpose of car sales in the UAE. The company is a professional organization that provided a sales guarantee to the seller, and also claims that we buy any car Dubai and all other Emirates as well. The organization provides services to people across the UAE, and is renowned as a reliable platform.

The car sales system can be utilized by entering details of the car onto the online car valuation form, which provides the seller with an initial selling price for the car. In case the seller accepts the initial offer, he is then provided an opportunity to book an online appointment for a free car inspection. The car inspection is done by experts and is conducted at the convenience of the seller. Once the inspection is finalized, the experts provide the seller with a final selling price for the car.

The seller is free to stop the process at this point and can walk away from the process then and there. There would be no hidden charges for the valuation and inspection as they are free of cost. In case the seller agrees to the final price offer, the company buys his car from him at the spot. The payment is sent immediately to the seller’s bank account via an electronic bank transfer. The company also takes care of the after-sale legal paperwork completely on its own. This is enough to justify the claim of of being the best used car buyers in the UAE and ensures that the seller gets a hassle-free sales experience.

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