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5 Car Tyre Maintenance Tips That Every One Should Know

There comes a time when you don’t want to rely on your mechanic for every single thing. Sometimes, you want to take charge of the situation and do things your way. Of course, your budget and your vehicle always come first and you need to think about this before you make any decision.

When we are talking about car service and maintenance, we talk about the engine, the oil and big things like these. Somewhere in the equation, the car tyres are left behind the tyres should be the first thing we think about because that is one part of your car that is in a constant contact with the road.

The overall condition of your vehicle depends upon the condition of the vehicles and how you have those services. Yes, your car tyres need to be services as well because they are not as indestructible as we like to think. Car tyres are often overlooked and not given much attention, however, that is one of the bad decisions motorists often make.

Taking care of the car tyres and their maintenance is very important, especially if you want your vehicle to last a long time and ensure that you don’t have to pay big money for hefty repairs in the future. It might not look like this, but a faulty tyre or a tyre in bad condition can cause a lot of damage to your car.

This is because the overall functionality of your car depends upon the tyres a lot more than you would like to think. They are impetrative and very important for the safety of your car as well. The good thing is, you don’t have to do much to maintain your car tyres.

In fact, there are many things that you can do on your own and not even go to a mechanic for it. Here are some tips that you can keep in your mind and make sure your tyres are in perfect condition at all times or until it is time to have them changed.

Rotate the Tyres

In order to maintain optimum performance of your car tyres, you will have to make sure that you keep changing their position. Instead of changing one set of tyres first and change the other set of tyres after a couple of months, it is always better that you rotate the tyres rather than spend too much money on tyres.

Rotate the Tyres

For example, you should take the front tyres and change them with the rear tyres. This is because the front tyres of the vehicle can wear out quickly because they are carrying the weigh the vehicle more than the rear tyres. When you rotate the rear tyres with the front tyres, you will be getting more life out of the tyres and making sure that you can get the maximum amount of performance from them because they wear out together.

Most of the car manufacturers advise that motorists should rotate car tyres every 8,000 kilometers to 10,000 kilometers. However, you should check the car manual first because this can change from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Check Tyre Pressure

In order to maintain proper and well-functioning tyres, you need to make sure that the tyres have proper air pressure. Properly inflated car tyres are very important for the balance and safety of the vehicle. If your car tyres are over-inflated, the tyre can burst at any time and if you don’t have properly inflated tyres, it can damage the wheel base of the vehicle.

Check Tyre Pressure

A tyre that is well-maintained and have proper tyre pressure will last longer and will have less damage. Driving a vehicle on tyres with low air pressure will decrease the fuel efficiency of your vehicle and put unwanted strain on the engine.

This is one of the many reasons why you should check your vehicle’s tyre pressure every month or more if you drive the vehicle for many kilometers in a few days. To know what is the best pressure is for your vehicle’s tyres, check the car’s user manual.

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Check Tread Depth of the Tyre

Checking the tyre tread depth is very important because this is very important part of your tyre. The tread depth is that part of your tyres that are responsible for removing the water from between the tyre and the road and ensure that you have the right level of grip to drive away smoothly and safely.

Check Tread Depth of the Tyre

Proper tread depth is important because it prevents accidents, especially when you are driving the car on slippery roads and surfaces. With time, the tread depth of the tyres decreases because of driving at high speed, applying hard brakes and driving on uneven roads.

This is why you need to check it before you begin a long journey. If you can visibly see the different then it is time to change the car tyres, however, it is always better to consult with your car’s manual and with a mechanic before you make any decision.

Checking Wheel Alignment

Proper wheel alignment is very important, especially when you want to ensure that your car tyres stay with you for a long, long time. If your wheels are not properly aligned your car tyres will wear out much quickly. Checking it is very easy, but you will need the help of a professional to fix it.

Checking Wheel Alignment

All you need to check is to see if the axles and the wheels are properly aligned with the tyres. If they are properly aligned, it will help you save fuel, save your tyres from premature wear and make your vehicle more stable and bring you better control.

Other than that, this also maintains the bearings, suspension, prevents any vibrations and brings proper balance when the tyre and the wheel. You should always take the vehicle to a mechanic to check the wheel alignment and fix it if needs it.

If your car vibrates more than usual, especially when you drive the vehicle at high speeds, you might have wheel aligned issues. This is one the issue that you can fix on your own, so you always take it a professional and make sure that only fixes it because you don’t want to do more damage.

Repair or Replace

If you are not aware of the condition of your car tyres and you are not aware if the car tyre should be replaced or repaired, you should always take the vehicle to the mechanic to have him make the decision. The mechanic will be able to tell you if you should replace the tyre or if you can have it repaired.

Repair or Replace

There are times when you can have your car tyres repaired, especially if it just a simple patch-up job, however, there are times when you cannot have it repaired at all and the only thing that you can do is replace it. In such cases, you can easily find used or second-hand tyres from your mechanic.

However, if you want, you can purchase new tyres as well, especially if you have the budget for it. You can easily find affordable or tyres on sale from reputed brands as well. They might be expensive than a used tyre, but they will be worth it. Take them as an investment because they will be more durable and hey will have more life in them.

These are five tips that you should keep in your mind, especially if you want to ensure that your car tyres are functioning properly and live the longest. The durability of the car tyre depends upon its maintenance and the driver, of course. The better you take care of the tyres, the better they will last.

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